Assignment Guidelines

  • All essays must be typed, including drafts for peer-editing.
  • Use double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins.
  • Title your work, with your own, creative title.  Do not underline, bold, italicize, put in quotes, or enlarge title font.  Leave it double-spaced with the rest of the text (don’t skip extra lines).
  • Include a heading with the following information in the upper left-hand corner of the first page, formatted as below:
    Your name
    My name
    Class title and class period
    The date
  • Use a header or footer to put your name, the page number and total number of pages on each page of the essay.
  • Submit your final draft electronically, including the Works Cited list, to (instructions appear below).
  • Staple your work before class in the following order: Turnitin receipt on top, followed by the final draft, followed by the peer editing sheet, followed by the first draft.  I will not accept unstapled, disordered, or incomplete packets.
  • Cite all sources parenthetically using MLA style, and include a properly formatted Works Cited list.
  • For questions and problems with MLA style, see the MLA Style FAQ.

To submit your assignment to Turnitin, first locate your correct class ID and password.  If you are not one of my students, please do not submit material to turnitin using these passwords and IDs.  You will not obtain any feedback from turnitin such as the “similarity index” by doing so.

EES81FC-06 Period 2: Class ID:  7019866, password: gorilla

EES81FC-19 Period 6: Class ID:  7019897, password: gorilla

EES81FC-22 Period 7: Class ID:  7019915,  password: gorilla

EES87QEB-03 Period 3: Class ID:  7019936, password: galahad

EES87QEB-09 Period 9: Class ID:  7019960, password: galahad


  1. Go to
  2. If you already have an account, login.
  3. If you already have an account, but are having trouble logging in, DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT.  See note after step 8.
  4. To make a new account, click “create account” and choose “student.”
  5. Your username must be the name you use in class–not fuzzybunny123, thisisspartahhh, etc.
  6. Use an active email address that you check regularly.
  7. Use your class ID and password to join your class.
  8. Locate the correct assignment on your class page and follow the instructions to upload it.

Please do not create duplicate accounts.  It will be time-consuming for both of us to fix.  If you find yourself unable to login shortly before the deadline, submit a trouble ticket to turnitin.  Then email me with a description of the problem and the trouble ticket number, together with your complete essay attached as a Word or .pdf file.